20% Off Beer Day: May 16, 2012

From time to time we feature 20% Off Days—many of our customers look forward to our 20% Off Wine Sale in the fall.

This year we’re planning a 20% Off Beer Day leading into the Memorial Day weekend. Plan to stock up for those warm summer days when an iced cold beer hits the spot.

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KATZ & Company Oil and Vinegar

Each month we feature one of our favorite vendors; we have a number of longstanding relationships with many wonderful providers and a few new favorites that we’d like you to get to know.

For May, we’re showcasing KATZ & Company Oil and Vinegar.

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Serving the many tastes of our community

Image of Tom the ButcherFor more than 100 years, it’s been our goal to offer the very best products we can find. Along the way, we created the tastiest takeout bar on the Avenue, expanded our international aisle, and helped usher in the Bay Area’s obsession with fresh, seasonal, local food.

We’re part gourmet grocery store. Yes, we carry things like truffle paste, fleur de sel and Umami Paste.

And we also stock the foods that your kids will eat. We never forget that we’re most of all a grocery store. We have cleaning products, paper goods, baking supplies and stock canning jars in the summer, for our customers who like to preserve the fresh flavors of summer produce. Read more…