Bauli Panettone

Authentic Italian Holiday Tradition
Bauli is the authentic Italian cake maker since 1922, making holiday cakes and pastries that combine the skill of ancient homemade recipes with modern technology. The Bauli family’s guiding principle has always been a desire for excellence.

Bauli’s Panettone are made with simple ingredients—fresh butter, sugar and eggs. They are leavened using a mother dough that rises naturally, staying fresh for much longer than regular bread or cakes with absolutely no preservatives.

Panettone di Milano—with raisins and glazed orange peel.
Panettone is a traditional Italian cake, loaded with soft candied fruit and raisins. The dough is baked in a cylindrical mold, which gives it a distinctive look. A symbol of the city of Milan, Panettone is traditionally prepared and enjoyed during Christmas and New Year in Italy.

Pandoro di Verona—Veronese star-shaped Christmas cake.
Pandoro or pan d’oro means golden bread, a traditional Christmas bread from Verona. Sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar, it gives the appearance of fallen snow on a mountain. This unique star shaped cake is so light and delicate in texture; it is an instant delicacy. Sliced horizontally, it has a beautiful star-shaped cross section that is perfect in trifles and other creative deserts.


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