Entwined—Golden Gate Park’s Enchanted Forest

Entwined—Golden Gate Park's Enchanted Forest InstallationAs the days are growing shorter, Golden Gate Park will transform Peacock Meadow into an enchanted forest of otherworldly shapes and ever-changing light.

It sounds like time for an evening (socially-distanced) stroll along paths in the meadow and lounge under the illuminated canopies of a grove of trees. Small sculptures of flowering bushes, comprised of 2,000 LED lights, will make for a captivating floor of radiating color. The final effect will create an awe-inspiring representation of nature, like raindrops, thunderstorms, and ripples on a pond.

Entwined, the creation of San Francisco artist Charles Gadeken, is being installed in celebration of the park’s 150th anniversary, and is scheduled to open on December 10th.  The installation will remain up at least through February 8th. There is no cost to visit

Peacock Meadow
John F. Kennedy Drive
Golden Gate Park
Here is a map with Peacock Meadow with a red X



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