Black and Tan Sundae

Black and Tan SundaeLunch Lady

My daughter came to work with me yesterday. We had a childcare (check out worsley) gap this week, so she had no choice. We put her to work sorting invoices and operating the mailing machine—learning vital life skills (ha ha ha). She had a blast, and is looking forward to doing it again. As she puts it “Working is awesome!”. She’s nine…so yes, to her, working is awesome.

I’m pretty sure that yesterday’s awesomeness had more to do with having lunch with Papa Dave up at Fenton’s, and less with the mailing machine but I could be wrong. She was pretty excited about that mailing machine…

My kids all know that if they have to come in to the office with me for any reason they stand a pretty good chance of going to Fenton’s with their grandfather. It’s tradition. When I came into the store as a kid I got the same lunchtime treatment. To them the hours of sitting in the chair in Mom’s office is worth it for a crab sandwich and a Black and Tan. Enduring anything tedious and mind numbing is always worth it if there is a Black and Tan at the end.

The Black and Tan is the sundae of choice for all my family when we go to Fenton’s, and I don’t see that changing. Those not lucky enough to live near Piedmont Avenue think that a black and tan should be made with both Toasted Almond and Vanilla ice cream. They’re wrong. 100% Toasted Almond ice cream is the way to go which is how Fenton’s has made it since my grandmother worked there as a teenager in the original location. (Which is now the Post Office on 41st Street.) Our love of Fenton’s has a history.

Unfortunately (or fortunately ‘cause it makes it that much more of a treat), Fenton’s does not sell it’s ice cream outside of their stores. If you want their Toasted Almond you have to go there and order a sundae or get a half gallon packed to go. There are other Toasted Almond Ice creams out there, and we recommend Mitchell’s. You can also go the all Vanilla route. (It’s ice cream. There is really very little that can go wrong with ice cream.)

Add some fudge sauce for the black and some caramel for the tan and you are good to go with a little whipped cream and a cherry. Though I am sure if you ask my daughter it still wouldn’t be as good as it is at lunch with Papa Dave…or the mailing machine.

Black and Tan Sundae According to Amy

Toasted Almond ice cream, or vanilla, or both
Your favorite Fudge Sauce
Your favorite Caramel Sauce
Whipped Cream
Chopped Almonds

Scoop the required amount of ice cream into a good-sized bowl. Top with fudge and caramel. Stop spraying the whipped cream into your mouth and spray it on top of the ice cream. Sprinkle with the chopped almonds, and top with a cherry. Enjoy!

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