California Olive Ranch

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Fall in love with olive oil again.
California Olive Ranch is consistently mentioned in lists of best olive oil. The flavor is fantastic—probably why it has become a go-to for home cooks and chefs. Plus, it is affordable. You won’t find many top-shelf oils in this price range.

We love having a good selection of olive oil on hand in the kitchen. All types of dishes from the everyday to special occasions can be elevated with the right choice of olive oil.

About California Olive Ranch
California Olive Ranch was doing single-origin, US-sourced oils before it was cool. Over the past quarter century, California Olive Ranch has grown from a single, family-owned grove in Oroville, into the largest olive oil producer in the United States. They have won numerous awards for their products.

Here’s what we have in stock:

Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100% California Cold-Pressed
This single varietal oil showcases the flavor profile of Arbosana olives from our California farmers. With a subtle nuttiness and floral notes, this oil is delicious in baked goods.

Medium: Rich & Vibrant Extra
Virgin Olive Oil Cold-Pressed
Their flagship Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from olives grown exclusively in California. A perfect staple for your kitchen, this extra virgin olive oil is well-rounded and versatile, with floral notes that accompany notes of fresh herbs, fruit, and green grass. This oil is recommended for virtually any application from marinades, sautéing, grilling, to baking.

Mild: Delicate & Buttery
Their mildest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from California farmers and partner growers in Argentina, Chile, and Portugal. The subtle flavor of this oil lends itself to baking, from sourdough bread to chocolate chip cookies.

Avocado Blend
Made with 50% Avocado Oil & 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Light, buttery flavor for high-heat sauces, grilling, and baking. It’s smooth flavor makes a mean vinaigrette or salad dressing.



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