Cherries are here! And, their season is short. So, fill up on them while the eating is amazing.

We have two types of cherries in the store. Bing cherries range from dark red to almost black. They are firm, juicy, and very sweet when properly ripened. Rainier cherries are golden with a pink blush on their skin, and their flesh is yellow to transparent. These cherries have a very sweet and delicate flavor.

Selecting Cherries
Cherries don’t ripen further once they’re picked. They are very delicate fruits, bruise easily, and should be treated with care.

Some tips
Look at the stems of the cherries: those with plump, bendable stems have been picked recently. If the cherry stems are shriveled and brittle, the cherries are older and will be past their prime before long.

Choose cherries with stems still attached; this helps them maintain their freshness.

Select cherries with firm, smooth, unblemished skin, and buy only as many as you plan to eat in the next few days.

For best results, store them refrigerated in a plastic bag with holes in it, and don’t wash your cherries until you’re ready to use them

Here are some of our favorite cherry recipes from our archives.
Mesclun and Cherry Salad with Warm Goat Cheese
Warm goat cheese rounds are a lovely contrast to the cool salad. Halved cherries add a fresh, sweet flavor.

Stone Fruit Summer Salad
It’s great as a light lunch or a side for just about everything.

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Toasted Hazelnuts and Brandied Cherries
This over-the-top Flourless Chocolate Cake has impressive looks and moistness. Start the cherries ahead: They soak in brandy for a week and then in syrup for at least two days.

Almond Stone Fruit Tart 
This delicious tart is great for a celebration. It takes some time to make, and we have marked where is possible to prepare some of the steps a day or so in advance for ease of assembly on the day you bake it.

Cherry Clafoutis
Clafoutis is great for brunch or a light dessert. We like to make our Cherry Clafoutis in a blender—it is so fast!

Grilled Cherry Milkshakes Recipe
Grilled fresh cherries in a milkshake? This says it all. You have got to try this delicious twist on a classic.

Amazingly Easy Cherry Pie
This is admittedly a bit of a cheat, but it is so incredibly simple to have a hot pie come out of the oven it is a shame not to do it more often!

Tart Cherry Frozen Yogurt
If you make your own yogurt (which is incredibly easy by the way) so much the better…


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