Let Christmas Begin

Let the Christmas BeginI have always been one of those people that work better under pressure. Probably because I was a procrastinator in high school, but I digress…

When there is a lot going on, and even more to be done, I get hyper-organized and efficient. This is why I have spent the last hour organizing my shopping list for the holiday weekend. I have it split out by day (‘cause I am going to have to do multiple trips) and by aisle to make it easier to maneuver and get it home. You may be asking what could possibly require multiple trips to the store and aisle mapping? Let me explain…

Most years, I am responsible for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas dinner—which is also my husband’s birthday dinner. This year my sister is hopping on a plane Christmas Day. Therefore I am responsible for Christmas Eve dinner for 14 people, Christmas Morning breakfast for 7, and Christmas/Birthday Night dinner for 8.

So, you see why my fridge may not be able to handle it all at once (and you can believe there is some wine on that shopping list!) It is also why I start planning the menu pretty far in advance so I can map out what can be made ahead and what is last minute.

In case you’re curious here’s what’s on the menu:

Christmas Eve
Spinach Salad
Roasted Fresh Ham
Ginger Glazed Turnips, Carrots and Chestnuts
Potatoes Au Gratin
Sticky Toffee Ginger Bread

My sister is bringing the potatoes so really I just have to handle the meat and veggies which is nice. The gingerbread can be made ahead and the carrots and turnips are pretty quick. When it’s all over, I toss the tablecloth in the washer and throw another one on for…

Christmas Morning
Ebelskeiver is a family tradition that my great-grandmother brought with her from Denmark. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them. Another tablecloth change and some ripping and tearing and it’s time for dinner.

Christmas Day is also my husband’s birthday which, as a kid, had to be a bummer. For that reason, he gets to choose what we eat for his birthday dinner every year. In the past, we have had Rack of Lamb, a crab feed, Paella, and even roasted a goose. I never know what he will pick from year to year. This time he has chosen a Prime Rib which, thankfully, is fairly easy to do. Alongside, we will be having garlic mashed potatoes and a Spinach Gratin.

When it is all said and done, we will have gained twenty pounds and I will require a straight jacket and a full 24 hours of sleep. But, it will all have been worth it to celebrate and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Whatever your holiday plans, be they frenzied or peaceful, I wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday and a wonderful New Year.

Let the Christmas Begin!

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