Coffee and Coconut Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Coffee and Coconut Non-Dairy Ice CreamGoing Through A Phase
For better or worse, I have been eating more than the normal amount of ice cream lately. It happens. I go through phases where I have to have some every night. I am currently smack dab in the middle of one of those phases. Even better, the phase has phases.

I start out with the family favorites like mocha almond fudge and pecan praline and let’s not forget the classic vanilla with chocolate sauce. After a week of that, I turn to the ice cream sandwich phase. It’s-its and drumsticks are a must-have. They are a reminder of summers dashing out of the house and racing down the street at the sound of the ice cream truck driving by.

The final phase, the phase I am in now, is the try something new phase. If you have been in the ice cream section lately I am sure you have noticed that your options for a frozen treat have become bountiful. From coconut, to soy, to cashew, or even oat milk there are so many possibilities to satisfy your cravings.

My most recent foray into the world of dairy-free desserts is this recipe for dairy-free ice cream which combines two of my favorite ice cream flavors, coffee, and coconut. The result is a treat so good you may never go back…well, until the next phase comes around!

Coffee and Coconut Non-Dairy Ice Cream
Adapted from Food 52

1 vanilla bean
1 can (15 ounces) cream of coconut
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk beverage
5 large egg yolks
2 teaspoons instant espresso

Prepare the vanilla
Using a sharp knife, split the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. Reserve the pod for another use.

Steep the vanilla
Set a medium saucepan over medium-low heat and pour in the cream of coconut, coconut milk. Add the vanilla seeds, and cook, stirring occasionally.

Prepare the ice water bath
Fill a large mixing bowl with ice and cold water. Set a smaller bowl inside the large bowl. It should fit but not sink.

Cook the ice cream mixture
In another mixing bowl, combine the egg yolks and espresso powder and whisk to blend. When the coconut mixture comes to a gentle boil, drizzle the mixture into the egg and espresso mixture while whisking vigorously until it is thoroughly incorporated.

Pour the coconut-egg mixture back into the pot and begin stirring continuously with a large spoon, just until it is heated through. Do not allow it to boil and cook the eggs!

Cool the ice cream mixture
Pour the mixture into the prepared empty bowl, place it into the ice water bath, and stir well. Allow the mixture to cool. Once cool, pour it into a container, cover, and refrigerate for at least 8 hours or overnight.

Churn the ice cream
When you are ready to make the ice cream, pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Set the ice cream before serving
Transfer the mixture to a covered container and freeze until solid before serving, preferably overnight

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