Diego Rivera’s America

Diego Rivera's America will be in the SFMOMA galleries through JanuaryThe most in-depth examination of the artist’s work in over two decades, Diego Rivera’s America brings together more than 150 of Rivera’s paintings, frescoes, and drawings—as well as three galleries devoted to large-scale film projections of highly influential murals he created in Mexico and the United States.

Rather than surveying his entire career, the exhibition focuses on Rivera’s work from the 1920s to the mid-1940s, when he was conceiving a new vision for North America informed by his travels in Mexico and the U.S.

Ten thematic galleries are dedicated to places like Tehuantepec and Manhattan that captured his imagination, and to his favorite subjects, such as street markets, popular celebrations, and images of labor and industry.

Diego Rivera’s America exhibition will be in the SFMOMA galleries through January 2nd, 2023.

Diego Rivera’s America Audio Guide
Explore Diego Rivera’s America with three influential Bay Area Chicano/a artists. Enrique Chagoya, Michael Ríos, and the late Yolanda López balance critique and celebration in a candid dialogue with exhibition curator James Oles. This audio guide reflects on social justice, identity, the power of art, and more through the lens of Rivera’s legacy and life’s work.

Murals in San Francisco: Proyecto Mission Murals
San Francisco was particularly important to Rivera; it was the first place he painted murals in the U.S. Likewise, his work was deeply influential to local artists and muralists. Coinciding with the exhibition, the museum’s ongoing digital publication Proyecto Mission Murals examines the origins of the community mural movement in San Francisco’s Mission District.

You can learn more here and purchase tickets at the SFMOMA website.

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