Diestel Turkeys

Diestel OriginalTastes Like A Turkey Should.

If you prefer genuine turkey flavor and a firmer texture, then these fresh, range-grown turkeys are just the thing. The mild taste and generous amount of white meat of these traditional bird make Diestel Turkey our hands-down favorite. 

Are Diestel birds better? If you are accustomed to eating commercial birds from the deep freeze, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Hard-frozen turkeys are generally brine-injected and “butter” soaked to make up for both the loss of moisture caused by freezing, and the loss of flavor that results from breeds selected for their ability to put on weight quickly. Diestel Turkeys Ranch in Sonora, raises their birds outdoors, and allows them to reach to their peak size naturally.


It’s time to order your Thanksgiving turkey! 
Order your Heidi’s Hen for $4.49 per pound or the Original Diestel for $3.29 per pound by calling our butcher department at (510) 653‑8181.

A short video where you can meet the Diestel Turkeys ranch family.

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