Ditch the Device!

Ditch the DeviceWe are over two months into this shelter-in-place order and we seem to be going to the internet for every part of our life—work, entertainment, socializing, recipes, exercise classes, and as a quick fix for boredom. It is becoming painfully evident that this is not the ideal way to experience life! We’re connected yet disconnected and it all feels weird. If your device is both a lifeline and a source of anxiety, you’re not alone.

Now, we get the irony of composing this post on our devices and posting it to social media. But, how else to get the word out?

What are you doing to make certain you spend time connecting to actual reality instead of the screen? Here are a few ideas to get started.

1. Set up an outdoor living space. This could be in your own yard or balcony or a cozy spot at your local park. Grab a book, a blanket, and get takeout from one of your favorite spots on the Avenue and spend some time in the fresh air.

2. Get some dirt under your fingernails. We are discovering ways to use our outdoor spaces more and digging in your garden—this (could be the back 40, the local community garden, or even some planters on your windowsill or balcony.

3. Head for the hills. Take a nice long hike or urban walk. There are rumors of more parking becoming available at trailheads, but we are not there yet. So, we need to stick close to home for our walks. It is a great time to get out the map and discover some new routes.

4. Get Crafty. Many of us have jumped on the face mask wave and started sewing. But, beyond masks there is a world of crafts waiting for us to engage in—everything from beading (Blue Door Beads is doing curbside pickup) to knitting and crocheting, to adult coloring books. Maybe it is time to learn a new skill or dust off an old one?

5. Go to an old-fashioned drive-in. The West Wind Theater in Concord is now open for drive-in movies once again. They are showing double-features for both adults and kids. They have digital projectors and the audio is sent directly to your car’s stereo.

6. Start a family dance party with your favorite playlist—this even works if it is just you and the cats! SF MOMA has put together a curated playlist on Spotify for the online fatigued.

7. Write a letter, do a drawing and send it via snail mail. Support our U.S. Post Office.

8. We never thought we would be recommending this, but play Dungeons and Dragons. Granted, you need to be living with a group of willing people to get started. But, it can be both creative and fun!

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