Easter Holiday Hours and a Spring Brunch Menu

Easter Holiday HoursPlease note that we will be closed on April, 1st, Easter Sunday so that our staff can celebrate the holiday with friends and family. So, get your shopping done before 8 PM on Saturday so you can take Sunday off.

We will be open Monday, April 2nd at 9 AM for our regular hours.

To help you have a wonderful holiday, we have put together this spring brunch menu.

Spring Brunch Menu
Asparagus Bread Pudding Layered with Fontina is a staff favorite from the Tante Marie cooking school in San Francisco. This makes an excellent brunch dish on its own or topped with poached eggs. We also love it for dinner.

These Berrylicious Sweet Rolls are not as sweet as you would think. But, they are definitely worth the work for a holiday morning treat. They can be made with any seasonal berries.

This Fresh Blood Oranges with Lemon Honey Syrup recipe presents itself gorgeously for a special brunch. Whole, peeled blood oranges are simmered in lemon-honey syrup. Serve the oranges chilled with Greek yogurt. You can make them the day before and store in the fridge overnight.

We like to serve this Crispy, Crackly Apple-Almond Tart at room temperature so it can be made ahead of time. It is the perfect addition to any spring brunch table. And, it makes for a wonderful breakfast the next day when paired with a cafe au lait…

Bee’s Breakfast Cocktail is the perfect Easter brunch cocktail with fresh berries, lemon, honey and a bit of Greek yogurt. Honey syrup is a delicious spin on simple syrup, and you will enjoy experimenting with it in other cocktails, and even your tea.

Limonana is a slushy, Israeli lemonade and the perfect non-alcoholic brunch drink. It is simple to make, and you’ll get raves from your guests.

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