Edison Grainery Steel Cut Oats

Edison Grainery Steel Cut OatsNow that our mornings are beginning to have a chill in the air, it is time to think about a breakfast of warm, chewy, Edison Grainery Steel Cut Oats.

You can make a big pot at the beginning of the week because these oats reheat well— especially with an extra splash of milk. We love to stir in a handful of toasted nuts and dried fruit and add a bit of maple syrup or honey for sweetener.

And if you think Steel Cut Oats take too long for weekday morning, think again. Our recipe for Crock Pot Oats sets everything up the night before, so you can wake to the smell of breakfast ready to serve!

Why Edison Grainery Steel Cut Oats?
Because they are committed to making certain that everyone can eat organically, This means their products are processed and stored in a dedicated, allergen-free warehouse. And, because their parent company is Edison Grains, they eliminate the daisy chain of suppliers, producers, manufactures, and distributors, to keep their prices low.

Plus, they are an Oakland-based company, and who doesn’t love local?

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