Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Happy Rosh HashanahL’shana tova!

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Every year we celebrate our world, ask forgiveness, and start fresh on square one—a new beginning.

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. It is sometimes called the Feast of Trumpets. It is the first of the Jewish High Holy Days which occur in the early autumn.

Rosh Hashanah customs include sounding the shofar (a hollowed-out ram’s horn), and eating  apples dipped in honey to evoke a “sweet new year”.

Read more about Beef Brisket here, and get a link to a recipe for Smoked BBQ Brisket by Bobby Flay. And, here is our favorite recipe for the customary Honey Cake.

There are many other possible dishes to enjoy, like these Chestnut Honey Pears, or these Balsamic Braised Lamb Shanks.

However you celebrate, may it be with good food and loved ones!

Have a wonderful 5777!

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