Everett & Jones BBQ Sauce

Everett & JonesFather’s Day is upon us, so let’s fire up the grill in honor of Dads everywhere, and the simple joys of summer. When it comes to BBQ sauce, go no further than our Oakland backyard for Everett & Jones BBQ Sauce.

The company was launched by Dorothy Everett with her ten children in 1973 and now includes six Bay Area locations.

Dorothy Everett’s vision and hard work have paid off: “I thought that I would never earn more than $3.00 an hour. With nine children, I always believed that God would make a way for us. I had a dream. I wanted to build something that my children could fall back on. He answered my prayers.” This story is an important part of what Everett & Jones is all about and a reason we love our local vendors.

But there’s another reason we love Everett & Jones. It’s what it happens when you slather this sauce on a pile of ribs.

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