Exciting Kosher Wines for Passover

Kosher Wine for PassoverNot Your Zayde’s Manischewitz!

Come on by the store for wine that is both kosher…and delicious. We are drinking four wines from Covenant, a Berkeley-based winery that produces top-shelf wines from Napa Valley—rooted in Jewish tradition.

Mensch by Covenant California Red Wine Lodi 2014
Mensch Red is full-bodied and made from Zinfandel. It offers a spicy, zippy tasted of black cherry, licorice, chocolate and herbs.

Mensch by Ciovenant California White Wine Lodi 2014
Mensch White is a co-ferment of Lodi Roussane and Sonoma Valley Semillon. It serves up lush guava notes topped with citrus and herbs–quite refreshing!

RED C Sauviginon Blanc Dry Creek Valley 2014
There fifth vintage of Sauvignon Blanc comes from a region in Northern California where Sauvignon Blanc is considered the king of white wines. The wine is classic Dry Creek Valley—redolent of grapefruit, passion fruit and herbs. It’s crisp, clean and refreshing on the palate and will pair beautifully with lighter-styled dishes ranging from seafood to poultry. Great with salads too! Or just drink it alone as an aperitif, chilled.

RED C Red Sonoma County 2014
Red C Red is showing a highly vivacious character with ripe, round, cherry, berry and spice flavors couched in firm acidity and soft, supple tannins. The layered flavors and textures are showing beautifully in the glass, and the finish is long, lush and fresh on the palate. While the press wine from Covenant Cabernet continues to be a part of the blend, also included are Syrah, Malbec, Merlot and just a touch of Grenache.

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