Fentimans Sodas

Fentimans SodasBotanically brewed beverages.
Fentimans makes some amazing sodas that taste like you would have found in an old-fashioned drug store. These delicious beverages have been made for over 100 years using a multi-stage botanical brewing technique. And, they have not changed the superior quality, craftsmanship, and unsurpassed flavor over the years.

In 1905, Thomas Fentiman, an iron peddler from Cleckheaton, England was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan. A deal was struck and a recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer was provided as security. The loan was never repaid so Thomas became the owner of the unique recipe and began peddling ginger beer door-to-door. It’s been over 100 years since they first started brewing, and the business is still in the Fentimans family and is owned by Thomas’ great-grandson.

We sell individual bottles so you can try several flavors. And, here is what we currently carry in the store:

Cherry Cola is made by botanically brewing and blending botanicals such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cherry juice. The result is a sweet bodied flavor-filled cola that is best served over ice.

Curiosity Cola is an invigorating cola inspired by traditional colas from yesteryear and made using infusions of the finest herbal ingredients including sweet cinnamon.

Gently Sparkling Elderflower is sweet on the nose, with a light aroma and delicate floral flavors. A quintessentially British drink delivering a clean, full-bodied taste.

Ginger Beer is a traditional brew with a complex taste. Made using the finest natural ginger root. Fiery and full of flavor.

Mandarine and Seville Orange Jigger is made by combining the juice of eight mandarins and the zest of a Seville orange in every bottle. The mandarin orange adds a wonderful depth of flavor.

Pink Ginger has been crafted with a more aromatic ginger root that’s distinctively fresh but still packing the same punch we’re known for. The cloudy pink liquid is the perfect delicate balance of aromatic ginger with subtle orange infusions.

Rose Lemonade is made with pure Otto rose oil from the world-famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. It is one of the most valuable essential oils on earth and used in some of the finest perfumes on the market. A small amount of this oil is blended with lemon juice to add an unrivaled depth of flavor.



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