Marin French Cheese Company

Marin French Cheese CompanyMarin French, the longest continually-operating cheese company in America, is right here in West Marin County. They have been in the same location for nearly 150 years. (That’s even longer than Piedmont Grocery!) And, we have been selling Marin French cheeses for decades…even before they were famous.

Marin French crafts their distinctive cheeses in small batches, uses traditional cultures, and coaxes the distinctly coastal terrior and flavor into every cheese. They are an internationally-respected cheesemaker with national and international awards too numerous to mention. They operate with respect for the land and dedication to creating cheeses of distinctive quality and character.

What we carry at the store
Petite Breakfast (mini and 8 ounce) is an iconic cheese in production since 1865. Petite Breakfast is sold fresh and young—an unnamed brie with a tangy flavor and a slightly spongy texture, reminiscent of creamy cheese curds. Because of its texture, Petite Breakfast is versatile for hot and cold usages, such as salads or pastries. Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or wheat beer.

Petite Camembert (mini and 8 ounce) has a complex, aromatic character as it ages. Its interior is creamy and has a deep golden color and thin white rind. The flavor is robust with hints of mushroom. Camembert differs distinctly from Brie by the cultures used to produce Camembert’s authentic earthy flavor and flowing texture. Pair with a California Rhone Blend or Stout.

Supreme Brie is inspired by the triple crèmes of France with pure extra crème decadence. Small batch buckets are used during the making process, which allows for gentle stirring and cutting of the curds so a fluffy whipped-cream texture can be achieved. The slightly firm, yet lush interior has a milky aroma and a lemony sour flavor, while the snow white rind brings a slight bite to the creamy finish. Pair with a sparkling wine or wheat beer.

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