Good Pop Frozen Fruit Pops

Good Pop Frozen Fruit PopsHealthy and delicious, Good Pop Frozen Fruit Pops are loaded with fresh fruit. You can taste the difference! The flavors are outstanding, and they are never too sweet.

We’ve got these 4 amazing flavors:
Watermelon Agave is made from freshly cut and juiced, locally-sourced Texas watermelons (when seasonally available) and is lightly sweetened with Fair Trade Organic agave nectar.

Orange N’ Cream is a classic reinvented. It’s dairy-free, vegan and really good. The exterior shell is a bright sherbet blend of Valencia orange juice and organic coconut cream. The creamy core is organic coconut cream and fair trade vanilla. It’s bright, fresh, and flavorful.

Strawberry is jam-packed with real strawberries, then lightly sweetened to perfection with a small amount of Fair Trade Organic cane sugar.

Coconut Lime is creamy, limey and all-around perfect. Coconut Lime is made with Organic Coconut Milk, fresh squeezed lime juice, Organic Coconut flakes and is lightly sweetened with Fair Trade Organic Agave nectar.

Good Pop started in an Austin farmer’s market in 2009 with a commitment to doing good and giving back. Good Pop Frozen Fruit Pops are all:

Low Calorie
Made with lots of fresh fruit
Only use non-GMO ingredients and many organic ingredients
Responsibly sourced ingredients: made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients whenever possible
Gluten free
Certified Kosher
No refined sugars
No artificial flavors or colors
No high fructose corn syrup (hfcs)

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