The Pasta Shop Fresh Pasta

The Pasta Shop Fresh PastaOnce you have had The Pasta Shop Fresh Pasta, you might not want to eat any other kind again. (At least that’s how some of our staff felt after tasting their pasta.) It is some of the most tender and delicious pasta around, and the fillings in their ravioli are outstanding.

The Pasta Shop Fresh Pasta hails from Berkeley. Their pasta is made with simple ingredients, time-tested recipes, and an expertly-honed technique. And, The Pasta Shop honors the Italian food principles of freshness and simplicity.

What we currently have in our fridge:

Spinach Tagliani
This somewhat thicker noodle is infused with spinach. Delicious!

Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Ravioli in Basil Pasta
A favorite with the whole family. We love these wonderfully melty ravioli with a drizzle of fruity extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar reduction. Includes Mozzarella, tomatoes, ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil.

Spinach, Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese Ravioli in Spinach Pasta
This classic Italian combination includes spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheeses, garlic and pepper.

Gluten-Free Spinach Fettuccine
Great news for our gluten-free friends. This pasta is so close to the real thing, you’ll forget it’s gluten-free. This rice-based fettuccine cooks just like traditional durum wheat pasta. And, the addition of whole egg gives it that satisfying al dente bite.

How to Cook Fresh Pasta
Cooking fresh pasta is just as easy as cooking dried pasta, but it cooks more quickly. Fresh pasta noodles only need a few minutes to cook. The cook time will depend on the thickness of the noodle and your preferred level of doneness, but, in general, you’ll need to cook the pasta somewhere between 90 seconds and 4 minutes. Al dente pasta will generally cook for 2 minutes or less.

Get their instructions for the specific types of pasta here.

So, sink your teeth into a bite of The Pasta Shop’s Fresh Pasta, and enjoy!

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