Grand Bakery Round Challah

Grand Bakery Round ChallahGrand Bakery Round Challah, a traditional braided egg bread, is now in round 2-pound loaves. It is available for Rosh Hashanah and through Yom Kippur.

Our Favorite Challah comes from the Grand Bakery right here on Grand Avenue in Oakland. This bread is delivered fresh daily and is always sweet and full-bodied. Serve Grand Bakery Round Challah toasted. It makes an amazing sandwich, perfect French toast, and oooh—bread pudding! You will not be disappointed.

Challah is a special bread of Eastern European origin in Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine. It is usually braided and typically eaten on special occasions such as Shabbat and major Jewish holidays (other than Passover).

And, of course, it’s Kosher.

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