Ito En

Ito EnVery Japanese.

If you love green tea, Ito En’s line of smooth brews are great summer beverages. We’re not talking about those common sweet teas, but real Japanese tea with a mellow, nutty flavor. In fact, these teas are what folks all over Japan grab from groceries and convenience stores. Ito En has dedicated themselves to making green tea a part of American culture.

One of our favorites is the Jasmine Green. It’s light, refreshing, and very Japanese. Other great flavors are the Oi Ocha, Blueberry Green, Mango Oolong and their Half & Half with lemonade.

And we must mention, not only are these drinks delicious, they are good for you: low to no calories, low in caffeine, and pumped full of vitamin C. If fact, one bottle has more than 100% of the recommended daily dose. Not shabby.

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