Kettle Krakkers

Kettel KrakkersGluten-Free Goodness

These krakkers are so amazing that we can’t keep them on our shelves!

Inspired by Danish tradition and love of good food, Kettel Krakkers combine simple, nutritious ingredients to create a unique, seed-rich snack. The gluten is missing but you
won’t miss it.

This tasty and nourishing treat is made locally, in San Francisco, and comes in four great flavors: Caraway, Sesame, Garlic, and Rosemary. It’s perfect when you need a quick, healthy, satisfying snack.

This is yet another product where the taste is so amazing we almost forget to mention the health benefits. But we’ve got to say, Kettel Krakkers are the right kind of fuel for your body. Handmade, freshly baked, dairy and gluten-free, they are prepared in small batches with organic ingredients sourced from local family companies. The krakkers are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and all kinds of nutrients.

Visit the Kettel Krakker website for all the seedy details.


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