J. Gasco Legendary Italian Drinks

J. Gasco Legendary Italian DrinksThe best Italy has to offer!
All the flavors and essences from Southern Italy create J. Gasco smooth and refreshing soft drinks.

Based in Piedmont (that’s the region in Italy, not our street in Oakland!), J. Gasco is an artisan company that has added a twist to the classic soft drinks. From Cedrata to Limonata to Bitters, their product range is all-natural and make perfect cocktail mixers.

Not only that, but these drinks are great, healthier alternatives to mass-produced beverages that are often packed with sugar. Whether you drink them on their own or enjoy them as a cocktail mixer, you’ll be sure to love these delightful soft drinks.

Also, check out the great repository of recipes on the J. Gasco website.

Here’s what we have in stock for $7.99 per 4-pack:

Indian Tonic with quinine flavoring.
A quinine-based soft drink that presents itself with a softer aroma than the standard tonic. A round flavor, with bitter and delicate aspects, makes it the ideal base for all kinds of mixed drinks.

Dry Bitter Tonic with quinine flavoring.
A soft drink intended for those who love the real tonic created with the old quinine-based recipe. A surprising taste in which the bitter notes, persistent and clean, enhance and strengthen the scent of Gin and all aromatic distillates.

Aperitivo Bitter with black carrot juice and safflower extract.
A soft drink characterized by the unmistakable bitter sweet contrast, enhanced by citric scents. A “timeless” classic, perfect neat with an orange peel or mixed with Rum or Vermouth.

Ginger Beer with lime juice and natural ginger extract.
A soft drink that gets its opalescent blond color from natural ginger extract. The persistent and unmistakable aroma from the citric notes of the lime make it the ideal mixer for sparkling cocktail.

Elderflower with mint, natural lime flavor and elderflower.
The complexity of the Elderflower and refreshing notes of mint and lime are particularly suitable for creating cocktails made with Prosecco or Vodka.

Lemonade with 12% lemon juice from Sicilian lemons.
An all-natural soft drink made from real Italian lemon juice. Its aroma, pleasantly citrusy and full, makes it the ideal mixer for spirits aged in barrels such as Tequila and Cachaca.

Cedrata with natural cedar flavoring and safflower extract.
A unique taste with dominant citric notes from the cedar, which are well balanced by the aromatic profile of sweet liqueurs.

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