Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops

Jolly Llama Sorbet PopsThis weekend is going to get warm, and Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops are a perfect treat for cooling off. So, we are going to stock our freezers with these delightful pops. They’re made from perfectly-ripened, whole fruit (not juices or concentrates).

Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops come in no-mess squeeze up tubes that keep your fingers clean.
But, they burst with the refreshingly real taste of sun-ripened fruit while retaining the rich store of nutrients nature intended.

They come in 5 delicious flavors, strawberry, mango, raspberry, banana coconut, and pineapple coconut.

The Jolly Llama simply wants people to be able to enjoy delicious frozen treats without having to worry about the bad stuff like refined sweeteners or artificial flavors.

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