KATZ Trio Red Wine Vinegar

 KATZ Trio Red Wine VinegarThere are no shortcuts to handcrafting vinegar.
KATZ Trio Red Wine Vinegar is richly flavorful without the vinegar bit. It mirrors the classic Meritage wines where small lots of red wine varietals are blended to create wines with great structure and character. KATZ Trio blends carefully selected lots of Merlot, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The finished blend is well balanced and full-flavored and retains the varietal characteristics of the grapes with nuances of cherry, raspberry, and oak.

Vinegar is one of the original slow foods. In millennia past it was used as a beverage, in cooking, and as the basis of many sauces. KATZ Trio is an authentic vinegar made nearby in the Suisun Vally that can be used to enliven your favorite dishes and create distinctive dressings and sauces. Trio is a favorite of many of America’s top restaurant chefs. Try reducing it for sauces for meats or grilled peaches or figs, and use it in dressings.

Though scientific advances have made large-scale production of vinegars fast and easy, it is the handcrafted Orleans Method that allows for the most full-bodied and nutrient-rich wine vinegars. Unlike most modern vinegar making, which is based on rapid, forced fermentation, the Orleans Method requires the vinegar to age for months in small oak barrels. As a consequence of this extensive process, very little commercial production of the vinegar exists in the US.
—Slow Foods Ark of Taste

About KATZ
Kim and Albert Katz commit themselves to supporting and participating in the evolving sustainable food movement and as individual growers, and to the continued good stewardship of the land they farm.

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