Kitchen Basics Turkey Stock

Kitchen Basics Turkey StockWe turn to Kitchen Basics Turkey Stock again and again because it is so flavorful.
Kitchen Basics Turkey Stock has a richer, heartier taste that serves as the perfect flavor-building ingredient for so many dishes. We use it in everything from risottos to stuffing, to soups and sauces, and to flavor veggie dishes and potatoes. It’s a perfect base for casseroles and slow cooker recipes. We love to keep a few extra boxes on hand.

It is also delicious warmed, right out of the box—especially during cold season.

Kitchen Basics Turkey Stock is a full-flavored liquid prepared by slow-simmering turkey and vegetables for hours in water with herbs, spices, and a touch of honey until their flavor is fully extracted.

Visit the Kitchen Basics website for their recipe for Sage and Rosemary Turkey Gravy—a must-have for Thanksgiving dinner!


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