KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee

KonaRed Cold Brew CoffeeKonaRed makes some of our favorite, flavored cold-brew coffee. They pack just the right balance of flavor and sweetness—never overwhelming. And, the quality of the coffee is superb. It’s delicious with a little creamer over ice and makes great cocktails. Plus, the cold-brew process is easy on the stomach while delivering that caffeinated spark of energy.

The only USA grown coffee comes from Hawaii. Coffee farms located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii generate some of the most sought after coffee beans in the world. This volcanic soil provides the ideal growing conditions, delivering unmatched quality and taste.

The process
KonaRed’s beans are hand-picked and roasted in small batches to ensure consistency and freshness. And they roast all their beans in-house to ensure that each batch is bottled fresh. Their unique process involves blending coffee beans with Nature’s Best Kept Secret, nutrient dense Hawaiian Coffee Fruit!

Their cold brew coffee is created by steeping roasted and ground coffee beans in cold water for up to 16 hours. More coffee is used than traditional hot brewing for a deeper flavor and higher caffeine content.

Here is what we have available in our fridge:

Kauai Caramel
This indulgent flavor is for those who like a little adventure in their caffeine consumption. With caramel flavors, it’s like having dessert without the guilt. At only 25 calories, you could certainly have more than one of this serving.

Maui Mocha
Who doesn’t love a little bit of chocolate flavor in their coffee or chocolate in anything for that matter? If you’re the ultimate chocolate lover, then our Maui Mocha Cold Brew is, without a doubt, the obvious choice for you!

Hawaiian Vanilla
This brew has flavorful hints of vanilla bean with a light touch of sweetness. It’s just the right amount of extra goodness to complement our low acidity coffee. Drink it on the go or pair it perfectly with a morning scone!

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