Labor Day Dessert Recipes

Strawberry Pretzel DessertHappy Labor Day from Piedmont Grocery!
Our store is closed today to honor our employees and give them some well-deserved time off. We will open for our regular hours tomorrow morning.

In the mean time, here is a short list of some of our favorite cooling dessert recipes to help you celebrate Labor Day and beat the heat.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert  
This no-bake delight is a Southern specialty. We recommend using fresh strawberries.

Easy Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream (No-Churn)
A quick and easy, no-churn ice cream, inspired by Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It’s creamy, sweet and uses sweetened condensed milk.

Cracker Jack Ice Cream Cake
This Cracker Jack Ice Cream Cake is fairly easy to make, especially if you use a springform pan, But, it does require freeze time. So, be sure to plan ahead.

Tart Cherry Frozen Yogurt
This delicious recipe is great with home made yogurt.

French Fruit Tart — A Classic
You do need to turn on the oven for this one, but just for 25 minutes. You can finish the top with the ripest, most luscious seasonal fruit you can find. Summer berries are an obvious choice, but also try slices of nectarines, plums, poached pears, mango, or kiwi, depending upon the season.

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