Lucky Dog Hot Sauce for Father’s Day

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce for Father's DayBalanced, flavorful, and delicious.
If you are breaking out the grill for Father’s Day this Sunday—and if you are still considering what to get him, how about a selection of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce?

We are simply loving Lucky Dog. We had a staff taste-test the other week and are impressed with the variety of flavors and high quality of this sauce. Some sauces are simply hot, but Lucky Dog has a lot going on. They have a nuanced approach to constructing their sauces which results in complex flavors with respectable heat. And, their sauces compliment a variety of international cuisines.

This East Bay business is located just down the 80 in Hayward. Lucky Dog Hot Sauces are all-natural, completely original and are made with only the highest quality ingredients in a sparkling-clean production kitchen by experienced production chefs.

Check out what flavors of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce we have at the store. Dad just might love it!

Pink Label—Applewood Smoked Habanero Pepper Sauce
This is extra hot & extra delicious with applewood smoked Habanero, Serrano, and Ghost chiles. It’s naturally sweetened with California Bartlett pears and dates from the Coachella valley. The mildest of their extra hot sauces, Pink Label has a subtle hint of applewood that really opens up on food. It will leave your lips sizzling with heat while the complex layers of flavor to enhance any meal.

Pink Label is the perfect compliment to pork, especially carnitas (or any pork incarnation). It is also great on eggs, sandwiches, potatoes, and anything you like extra-spicy.

Year of the Dog—Thai Chile Pineapple Hot Sauce
This may well be Lucky Dog’s best sauce to date. Pronounced pineapple overtones blend seamlessly with the sublime flavor of red Thai chiles in a surprisingly savory fruit-based hot sauce. Deeply layered flavors of toasted onion, roasted garlic, toasted sesame, Aleppo peppers, honey, lime, and hints of Chinese mustard & ginger with subtle rice vinegar blend perfectly to create an adaptable and uniquely balanced hot sauce that excels in flavor and versatility.

Year of the Dog equally compliments Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, beef, chicken, fish or pork. Try it in Pho, or on pizza; use liberally with spring rolls or BBQ shrimp. Surprisingly good on Mexican foods like carnitas or carne asada or a classically American bacon cheeseburger.

Brown Label—Ridiculously Tasty Mustard Chipotle Hot Sauce
A unique style of medium heat chipotle sauce, with the rich notes of Meco chipotle and a dynamic balance between mustard, chipotle and cumin. Bartlett pear juice and figs add subtle sweetness, while the creeping heat of the scotch bonnet chile builds up in a slow & sneaky way.

While this sauce is especially compatible with steak, chicken or pork, it is subtle enough to enjoy on tuna sashimi or with sourdough bread & goat cheese, yet bold enough to use as a taco sauce or on ham & eggs, or pizza or burgers or just about any Mexican food.

Red Label—Med Sweet & Garlicky Roasted Pepper Sauce
A well-balanced blend of habanero, jalapeño and Serrano peppers & carrot that creates a sweet-heat balance reminiscent of an Asian chile-garlic sauce. This is a med-hot, fire-roasted pepper sauce, rich with fresh & roasted garlic, carrots, onions and a mellow apple cider vinegar. While there’s a respectable amount of heat, Red Label enhances, rather than overpowers your food.So, don’t hesitate to use liberally!

An extremely versatile sauce, Red Label is well trained to be food’s best friend and can be used on virtually anything from pasta and cheeseburgers to steak, on Middle Eastern, Chinese, Italian, Thai, American and Indian food.

Dia Del Perro—Mild Alderwood Smoked Serrano Pepper Sauce
A heartfelt tribute to the tangy taqueria-style verde table sauces of California & Mexico, this sauce pairs beautifully with chile rellenos, enchiladas with red sauce, eggs & potatoes, mac & cheese, potatoes au gratin, papusas, pizza, soft tacos, chicken, tostadas, flautas, chili con carne, and soups. The heat starts out as mild, but gradually creeps up to medium as the chile tepin and habanero-infused sea salt build in intensity. Día Del Perro is a deep, layered, and complex alternative to the classic verde-style table sauce.

Highly recommended for enchiladas with red sauce, chile rellenos, chili con carne, mac & cheese, potatoes au gratin, and virtually any Mexican food.

Green Label—Mild Fire-Roasted Jalapeno & Serrano Sauce
Featuring fire-roasted jalapeño, Serrano, and mild cayenne peppers, with sweet roasted garlic. This non-traditional, mild, fire-roasted verde sauce uses carrots, onion, and white vinegar to give it a tangy quality that compliments the jalapeños perfectly. Green Label has a complex flavor profile, with roasted garlic adding depth of flavor.

Green Label is a fantastic compliment for eggs, breakfast burritos, traditional Mexican food, pork, fish, pizza or just about anything!

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