Macarons by Brioche Pasquier

Image of a plate of Macarons by Brioche PasquierIndulge in France’s favorite dessert.
Macarons by Brioche Pasquier are made in the classic French tradition by sandwiching two petite cookies together with a flavored filling. These delicate light-as-air macarons bring the taste of an authentic French Bakery to your table.

The combination of their crunchy petite cookie and soft interior and filling makes them a perfect treat for brunch, tea time, or as a wonderful snack.

The macarons have a perfectly crisp texture that yields to the softness of the cookie and then a gooey filling. The pastel colors make for an elegant presentation. And the flavors are genuinely distinct.

Brioche Pasquier maintains superior quality using carefully selected ingredients. The list for Macarons is simple: icing sugar, ground almonds, egg whites, and the flavored filling. They are ideal for any occasion and are often offered as a hostess gift and for celebrations.

These delicate and light-as-air macarons come in six assorted flavors: vanilla, pistachio, caramel, raspberry, chocolate hazelnut, and Lemon.

A French family baker
It all started in 1936, in Les Cerqueux, a small village in the West of France. Gabriel Pasquier, the baker of the village made his renowned brioche, pâtisserie, and bread. After his death in the 70s, his five sons decided to continue making his traditional French brioche but to sell it in a wrapper and to propose the products to supermarkets. This was a revolutionary idea for the time and a real success.

More than 40 years later, his five sons have continued the family tradition of baking delicious pastries and desserts to be enjoyed around the world. Today, Brioche Pasquier is the No.1 brioche brand in the market. They carefully craft brioche in a variety of sizes, pitch (filled brioche), croissants, sliced bread, pains au chocolat, and these delectable macarons.







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