Margarita La Reina Cocktail Recipe

MargaritaA cocktail fit for a queen!
This recipe is adapted from a Margarita La Reina served at Dona Tomas Restaurant in Oakland. It is perfect served with Mexican food!

Margarita La Reina
Yields 1 serving

Coarse salt
4 tablespoons simple syrup
Juice of 2 medium limes
5 counts silver tequila
2 counts Cointreau liqueur
1 lime slice for garnish

Salt the rim of a chilled margarita glass. In a pint glass filled with cubed ice, combine the syrup, lime juice, tequila, and Cointreau. Cover with a bar shaker and shake vigorously for 5 seconds. Strain into the prepared glass. Garnish with the lime wedge and enjoy.

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