Marin French Cheese Co.’s Golden Gate

Image of two wheels of Marin French Cheese Co.’s Golden GateMarin French Cheese Co.’s Golden Gate Washed Rind Cheese is one of our newest additions to our Cheese Department. It is the first in a new line of premium artisan cheese developed for the evolved tastes of the modern cheese lover.

This triple crème cheese gets its striking color from being hand-washed with brine multiple times throughout the 14-day aging process to allow the cultures naturally present in the coastal air to flourish. Inspired by the vibrant color of the Golden Gate Bridge, this cheese ranges from semi-soft, fudgy, and robust when young to oozing umami as it approaches its “best by” date.

Golden Gate washed rind cheese is earthy with vegetal aromas and a rich savory flavor for an authentic taste of place that can’t be replicated.

Tasting Notes
Marin French Cheese Co.’s Golden Gate has the iconic characteristics of a washed rind cheese—sometimes known as a more stinky cheese. It has a pungent aroma, strong flavor, and high moisture content making for a rich and gooey experience. Ideal for cheese boards, the deep savory flavor of this cheese does make this a connoisseur’s choice for pairing, as it may compete with subtle flavors.

Allow the wheel of artisan cheese to come to room temperature for optimal aroma and taste.

Take care when pairing wine with this powerful cheese. Soft notes of white wine may be lost, and too much sweetness will create a muddle of flavors. Try an earthy Pinot Noir or less ripe-fruit-forward wine for your pairing. If fruity options are your beverage of choice, we suggest a dry hard cider to match the hints of funkiness in our washed rind cheese.

Golden Gate works like a dream with a wide variety of beer pairings. It can hold up to something strong like an IPA, other hoppy beers, or top-fermenting ales. It’s also great with unique woodsy flavors and notes of pepper and spice.

On a cheeseboard, serve with complementary flavors like unctuous charcuteries, nuts, and fresh vegetables. It is also delicious with a savory onion jam on dark rye bread, and for a bit of brightness an herbaceous gin cocktail.

Try adding this delectable cheese to the classic flavor combination of potatoes, onions, and bacon in a dish like a French casserole or a loaded baked potato. For a simple recipe that is sure to satisfy, sautè bacon and onions and add to cooked potatoes, top with Marin French Cheese Co.’s Golden Gate washed rind cheese, and toss in the broiler until gooey and delicious.

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