Martinelli'sTickle your tastebuds
We all know that Martinelli’s is great for celebrations. That’s why it practically flies off our shelves around the holidays. But, did you know Martinelli’s juice is made locally?

Since 1868, S. Martinelli & Co has been producing delicious apple juice and sparkling ciders. They are located in Watsonville, just inland from the Monterey Bay. And, they have won more than fifty gold medals for excellence at state, national, and international expositions.

The Martinelli’s Gold Medal® process uses a blend of United States-grown, fresh apples of the finest varieties—including the flavorful Newtown Pippin, which helps to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness with no concentrates or chemical additives.

Here are the varieties of Martinelli’s Sparkling Ciders that we carry in the store. Pick up a few flavors for your next celebratory meal:

Sparkling Cider
Cold-pressed from fresh apples with just the right amount of bubbles and no chemical preservatives, it’s a delicious way to celebrate any occasion.

Sparkling Apple-Peach
Like biting into a ripe peach on a hot summer day. This carbonated juice is cold-pressed from fresh apples and blended with refreshing peach juice.

Sparkling Apple-Pomegranate
Less tart than our cranberry blend, our non-alcoholic Sparkling Apple-Pomegranate, features California grown “Wonderful” variety pomegranate juice with 100% carbonated apple juice cold-pressed from fresh apples.

Sparkling Apple-Grape
Celebrate the rich sweetness of Concord grape juice blended with premium 100% carbonated apple juice from fresh apples.

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