May’s Strawberry Bounty

May's Strawberry BountyWondering what to do with all the amazing strawberries that are finally in season? Well, we have been delighted with May’s strawberry bounty.

And, while they are delicious straight out of the basket, there are so many ways to take the whole strawberry experience to a new level. So, we thought we would share three of our favorites with you here. And if you just don’t have time to cook, the simplest Strawberry Shortcake we know requires no recipe. Simply pick up a quart of berries, a package of Taste of Denmark Shortcakes, and a can of Clover organic spray whipped cream. They are heavenly, and can be assembled in minutes!

Birthday Strawberry Pavlova
One of the lighter, fruitier desserts is a fabulous white cake with a champagne strawberry filling. And it is darn tasty.

Never-Fail Biscuits and Strawberry Freezer Jam
Freezer jam is great and you can do it if you find a free hour. (For some, that’s midnight). And we are crazy for strawberry jam around here—especially when you spoon it on warm, fresh (and really quick!) biscuits. Yum…

Perfect Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
The time is now to begin your own obsession with Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Fresh rhubarb is in the market, and it won’t stay for long. This recipe really is perfect.

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