Sonoma Creamery and Sonoma Jack Cheeses

Sonoma Creamery Sonoma Jack CheesesWe reach for Sonoma Jack Cheeses for all our Mexican (and Mexican-inspired) recipes. These classics are delicious, locally crafted, and versatile. In fact, Piedmont Grocery has been selling Sonoma Creamery cheeses forever, over 30 years. (Did you know they were the first to do a Pepper Jack? Really!)

They hold their own in burgers, mac and cheese, omelets, and to snack on with a glass of wine. Mix and match flavors.

Of course, Sonoma Creamery cheeses are hand-crafted and free of all the artificial additives. They are also a true local gem, and very much a Northern California institution.

Along with the traditional flavor, we also carry:
Hot Pepper with the spicy heat of jalapeños blended with Sonoma Jack.
Habanero has the clean, crisp heat of Habanero balanced by sweet creamy Sonoma Jack.
Garlic adds a smooth, rich sautéed Garlic flavor to Sonoma Jack.

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