Merry May!

Merry May!

Tomorrow is the first of May. And, although you may not have a Maypole in your town center and the Beltane fires may not be raging tonight, it is wonderful to honor the absolute presence of spring in the Bay Area.

If you are ambitious, wake up very early and head to Inspiration  Point in Tilden Park to watch the Berkeley Morris Dancers dance up the sun. (For without them, there is no guarantee that spring will arrive.) And they will be jingling in several places on College Avenue during the day for those who arise a bit later.

Another May Day tradition is to gather wildflowers and leave them at your neighbor’s doors. It is a great time of year to fill your home with flower—and we have some lovely bouquets in our store.

Visit the Berkeley Rose Garden to see what is blooming, take a stroll at the Botanic Garden in Tilden Park to enjoy California native plants, or simply spend a little time in your own backyard. Any way you do it, make a point to connect with nature.

And, the strawberries are fantastic this time of year with so many ways to enjoy them! So, come by and pick up a few pints for shortcakes, Birthday Strawberry Pavlova, Never Fail Biscuits and Strawberry Freezer Jam, and Perfect Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

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