Teas’ Tea

Teas' TeaThe Tea of All Teas!
We all know there are health benefits to drinking green tea. But, that is not why we keep reaching again and again for Teas’ Tea. We do so because it’s as delicious as it is convenient. And with the weather getting warmer, who can deny themselves a refreshing tea?

Yes, Ito En is a great company who has worked tirelessly to reduce their environmental impact and uses organic ingredients, filtered water, and no additives. They are a true leader in the market.

It just goes to prove that simplicity is enlightening.

Here is what we currently have in stock:

Matcha Green Tea Latte
Black Tea Latte
Chai Tea Latte

Slightly Sweet Teas
Peach Ginger Black Tea
Lemon Mint Green Tea

Unsweetened Teas
Green Tea
Jasmin Green (our favorite!)
Mint Green
Black Tea
Green and White Tea
Golden Oolong Tea
Rose Green Tea
Lemongrass Green Tea

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