Mexican Bulldog Margarita

iStock_000019554803_Bulldog MargaritasThe Bulldog
I’m not a fan of beer, though sometimes I wish I was. There’s something about a cold beer on a hot day that sounds so appealing…until I try to drink it. I’ve always wanted to be a beer drinker—it’s more convenient and less high maintenance than other options. And, of course, it goes together with baseball and hot dogs. The good news? I found a new way to drink beer and it’s name is The Bulldog.

I was introduced to “the dog” on vacation in Mexico last week. While this margarita-like cocktail is nothing new, I was definitely new to it, and was skeptical because it does contain beer. Corona to be exact.

Maybe it was the warm weather, or perhaps I was just having too much fun to care, but I took a chance and fell in love with the Bulldog. It’s safe to say I had a few too many. The good news is there were no cameras to record my encounter for posterity…I think.

Because we were both enjoying them too much, my husband and I neglected to get the recipe from the waiters—who happily brought us just uno mas. I searched online when we got home, and found a number of possibilities. Some call for margarita mix, and others say use lemonade. I am looking forward to trying all versions to find the perfect one, because this is my cocktail of choice not only for Cinco De Mayo but for the rest of the Summer…

Here is my take on the recipe.

Mexican Bulldog Margarita
1 oz. of tequila (or to taste)
Lime margarita mix (or lemonade, or limeade)
1 Coronita (7 oz. bottle)

Mix and put in your large glass. Then take a bottle of Corona, open it and flip it upside down into the margarita mix. You can either leave the bottle in the glass or pour it out into the margarita, depending on your preference.


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