Mother’s Day French Picnic

French Picninc at the BeachMaman’s Special Day

We just got some fantastic French products in, that would be perfect for Mother’s day. They are all carefully crafted by small, family owned businesses, and are made using traditional recipes and techniques. Plus, many come in keepsake, decorative packaging that lend a French accent to her kitchen. We think Maman will love them.

The sun should be out by Mother’s day, so maybe a French picnic at the beach, or in the garden, or in bed…

Groix Natur Rillettes
Perfect for picnicking, these pâtés are traditionally spread on bread or toast. They come in a variety of flavors, and make great sandwiches and appetizers.

Bourgogne Escargot
Simply cooked in vegetable stock with salt, pepper, and natural flavors. Delicious in any many dishes, and you can still taste the original freshness and unique Burgundy escargot flavor.

L’Epicurien Confit
Delicious with Cheese, Spreads and Bruschetta. Sweet Onion, Sauvignon White Wine, Merlot Red Wine, Fig and Walnuts, Williams Pear with White Wine, Pineapple with Penja Pepper, and Apple Cider with Calvados

Le Saunier de Camargue Fleur De Sel
Hand-harvested sea salt collected by scraping only the moist, flaky, and textured kernels that form on the top of the salt beds. This delicate salt has more mineral complexity than table salt. Used as a “finishing” salt to add flavor and texture.

Pommery Fig Mustard
A slightly sweet, grainy mustard which brings out the figs’ unique flavor. Ideal with chicken, pork and duck, or with pâté on toast.

Griottines Morello Cherries
Ripe morello cherries are pitted and soaked in Kirsch brandy. They are perfect to add to champagne or cocktails, as toppers for yogurt and ice cream, and are delicious mixed into a fruit salad.

Le Petite Saunier Salted Butter Caramels
Made with real butter and Guerande sea salt, these rich candies come in a French, milk-bottle shaped tin.

La Maison d’Armorine Salted Butter Caramels
These salted butter caramels come individually wrapped in a vintage Yvonne collector tin. They get their rich sweet-and-savory flavor from the Guerande salted butter that is added to traditional ingredients, like whole milk and cream.

Chabert & Guilot Nougats
Each richly-flavored piece is individually wrapped and is decorated with slivers of fresh almonds.

Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise Butter Waffles
These deliciously light pure butter waffle cookies, flavored with Earl Grey tea, are delightful. Great for dunking.

Eugene Blond Fancy Wafers
Double-filled with vanilla creme, these crispy, light wafers are delicious dunked in coffee, or on their own.

La Trinitaine Butter Cookie Tin
Traditional, pure butter cookies from Brittany. Each tin contains an assortment of galettes, pirouettes, and biscuits in an adorable, reusable red tin.

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