Mushroom Hunting Around the Bay

Mushroom Hunting Around the BayAll this rain brings mushroom. And if you have a hankering for culinary mushrooms, you can collect them yourself here in the Bay Area. How does one learn everything you need to safely identify fungi for cooking? The experts at the Mycological Society of San Francisco (MSSF), of course!

The MSSF hosts a myriad of activities throughout the year including monthly meetings at the Randall Museum in San Francisco, a monthly culinary group, and classes in mushroom identification, cultivation, the basics of mycology, microscopy, cooking, etc. And at the heart of MSSF activities are forays for identification and collection of mushrooms. These include numerous camping forays and single-day mushroom walks. On occasion, they will also conduct weekend mycological retreats with forays, culinary fare, identification, workshops, talks, and slide presentations.

Visit the Mycological Society of San Francisco’s website and learn all about what they have to offer. Your dishes will be that much more delicious!

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