Nothing like a Rain-Out on Opening Day!

Baseball in RainBecause of the weather, we’re having a ballpark-style meal in front of our TV—watching the game of our choice (perhaps the Giants vs Diamondbacks?). Here’s the plan:

Niman Ranch Fearless Beef Franks are “Plump, juicy; a good meaty flavor. What a hot dog should be.” Read up on how they made it to the Taster’s Choice Hall of Fame in this SFGate post.

The Cake Box Hot Dog Buns have a home made flavor, and are deliciously moist—not just your average piece of white bread. Plus, they come fresh from a their local bakery in Lafayette.

Major League Peanuts! We are enjoying them from a bag with a big As logo on the front! Major league peanuts come in bags from the team of your choice.

Cracker Jack in their historic box. See our post with a 1960s Cracker Jack commercial clip.

Newman’s Own Pink Virgin Lemonade a sweet, tasty way to simulate summer.


Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter our Opening Day Raffle. Come into the store, and pick your favorite team: As or Giants? Get a chance to win a prize pack worthy of your fan status! 


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