Oakland Earth Day 2021

Oakland Earth Day 202127th Annual Oakland Earth Day
This year Earth Day is being celebrated from April 20th to 22nd. But, we call celebrate it all month—or really, all year!

The Sustainability Program along with other departments throughout the City of Oakland are working rapidly to implement the 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan to meet Council’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. This month, the City of Oakland is asking everyone to honor Earth Day by learning and participating in the City of Oakland’s Earth Day Calls to Action. Here is how you can get involved.

Public Works Volunteer
Oakland is celebrating our 27th Earth Day in 2021 with volunteer activities throughout the month of April. Individuals, households and small groups are invited to clean up your neighborhood streets, parks and waterways with litter removal, habitat restoration and other beautification projects. Public Works Volunteer Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Oakland Adopt-a-Spot
Oakland’s Adopt a Spot program supports volunteers in upkeep of parks, creeks, shorelines, storm drains, streets, trails, and other public spaces. Volunteers have adopted hundreds of sites around Oakland. Public Works can provide tool loans, debris collection services, and technical assistance. Learn more here.

Acts of Green Pledge
Individual actions can add up to big changes. Amplify your impact by reporting your Oakland Earth Days volunteerism and Acts of Green pledges and building and sharing the narrative of good deeds. Take the Acts of Green pledge here.

Earth Day Online Events and Activities
Celebrate Earth Month with StopWaste!

In celebration of Earth Month this year, StopWaste is bringing together a series of events throughout April. They include, how to electrify your home, reduce wasted food, and build healthy soil. Lear more at the StopWaste website.

Take Part in the Earth Month Eco-Challenge
Help combat the climate crisis by taking action on the 80 most substantive solutions to climate change. Dedicate your Earth Month to Drawdown Eco-Challenge. Learn more here.

Earth Day Quizzes
How much do you know about our Earth—its species, its resources, and its threats?
Test your knowledge with series of questions from EarthDay.org! Take a quiz.

City Nature Challenge
Participate in the City Nature Challenge starting April 30, 2021. The City Nature Challenge is an international effort for people to find and document plants and wildlife in cities across the globe. Learn more here.

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