Stonewall Kitchen Old Farmhouse Chutney

Stonewall Kitchen Old Farmhouse Chutney Stonewall Kitchen created this Old Farmhouse Chutney by combining apples, cranberries, peaches, apricots, and raisins with a variety of spices for a genuinely delightful taste experience. A famous Indian mainstay, chutney is a spicy, fruity condiment that is loaded with flavor.

Old Farmhouse Chutney can be used in many ways—with meats, fish, curried dishes, or mixed into rice or couscous. Try it with cheeses or as a sandwich spread. It goes great on shrimp, on pork, and gives chicken salad a whole new personality. Not to mention it makes the best homemade turkey burgers ever! Surprise your guests with a savory bread pudding, or puff pastry baked with chutney and brie.

We love Stonewall Kitchen because their products taste great every time we use them. And we carry a lot of their products!

About Stonewall Kitchens
Founded in 1991 by partners Jonathan King and Jim Stott, the two established themselves selling jams and jellies at local farmers’ markets, fairs, and festivals. Over time, they expanded their product line. And, today products are sold in wholesale accounts nationwide and internationally. Stonewall Kitchen is the winner of many prestigious awards from the Specialty Food Association and is a recipient of the coveted Outstanding Product Line award.

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