Parking Lot Renovation

Parking Lot RenovationOn Tuesday, October 13th, we will start Stage 2 of our parking lot renovation.
The section of the lot effected (in red on the map below) begins at the Glen Avenue entrance and extends to the first row of parking spaces all the way up to the side entrance of the store. This side entrance into the store will not be in use during renovation. Please note the vehicle exit to Monte Vista closest to Piedmont Avenue will also be closed.

Parking will still be available in the section that was just finished (in green on the map below). And, the entrance on Monte Vista on the far side of the lot will be the only way for cars to get in and out of the lot.

Shoppers please use the Piedmont Avenue entrance to the store during that time. We will continue to limit the number of customers in the store and will have clean carts and baskets available at the front door.

The full parking and all entrances and exits will re-open on Thursday, October 15th.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we make these much-needed improvements.

Piedmont Avenue Parking Lot Renovation

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