Pretzilla Burger, Sausage and Mini Buns

PretzillaIt’s a pretzel? It’s a bun!
We just got these in, and you have got to try them! Light and airy with a touch of sweetness, Pretzilla has a unique flavor profile fit for building a sandwich, pairing with dips, or snacking on-the-go. They are both fun and delicious.

These soft pretzel buns perfectly complement any protein—a great finishing touch.

Burger Buns
Pile on the burgers, deli, veggies, and everything else. This bun can hold it all. It’s our original and still most popular product. Comes in packs of 4 buns.

Mini Buns
Small size that’s great for sliders or dinner rolls. Come in packs of 6 with a salt packet.

Sausage Buns
Perfect for bratwursts, hot dogs, and subs. Come in packs of 4.

Not only do Pretzilla Buns taste great, but they are vegan and kosher.

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