Remember to order your holiday turkeys!

diested croppedYes! It’s time to Order for Thanksgiving.

Order your Heidi’s Hen for $4.49 per pound
You’ll love this Diestel Organic Turkey–certified organic, tender and juicy, with an old-​​fashioned flavor. Heidi’s Hens are con­sis­tently tastier; with more meat, less fat and less water than other turkeys. Their turkeys enjoy the freedom of being slow– grown in the clean Sierra Nevada Foothills with indi­vidual care, where they are raised longer to develop flavor naturally.

Order your Orig­inal Diestel for $3.29 per pound.
It all started with the Orig­inal Diestel turkey. These all-​​natural, slow-​​growing birds are given plenty of time and space to develop nat­u­rally in the clean Sierra Nevada foothills, resulting in a juicy, tender turkey with Diestel’s sig­na­ture old-​​fashioned flavor. These turkeys are known for “all that white meat.” You can count on them being tender and juicy with real turkey flavor! The Orig­inal Diestel turkey ranges from 6 to 40+ lbs.

Call our butcher depart­ment at (510) 653‑8181 to place your request.

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