Minerve Jarred Chestnuts

chestnuts copyThe Real Deal.

If you are planning to shell more than a handful of chestnuts for a recipe, Minerve Jarred Chestnuts will make your life so much easier. In fact, they will make your life that much more delicious too: the convenience of ready-to-use chestnuts means you get to eat many more. Think of all the ways they can enhance your Autumn recipes, from soups to stuffings, from brussels sprouts to desserts.

Minerve chestnuts are slightly sweet and tender. Their fresh taste and soft texture have the lovely, almost bread-like texture of properly roasted chestnuts. The Minerve line of packaged chestnuts is imported from France, and includes vacuum-packed whole chestnuts in a jar, whole chestnuts in water, and a puree.

Visit the Minerve website for some great recipes with a French flair like this simple-to-prepare Roast Veal with Chestnuts.

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