RoastCo Coffee

RoastCo CoffeeWake up, and smell the RoastCo!

…and never go un-caffeinated in 2016. We love RoastCo at Piedmont Grocery—they make some of the best coffee we have tasted. Their expertly-roasted beans are perfected in small batches, using a vintage PROBAT, a German-made roaster from the 1960s.

They source their sustainably-grown beans from organic, shade grown, and fair trade sources whenever possible. Plus they are Oakland-based. Originally they sold only to exclusive Bay-Area restaurants, but we are now happy to carry their coffee in our shop.

RoastCo’s coffees range from the rich, full-bodied Brown Sugar Kitchen Blend, to the Honduras Catracha—which has a balanced, caramel-chocolate body and a creamy finish. The Finca Lorena from El Salvador is a lightly-roasted bean with citrus and floral notes. And there is always the Viennese or Mayfield Blends, which are two of their best sellers.

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