San Merican Pizza Sauce

Photo of someone spreading San Merican Pizza Sauce on pizza doughMake your Italian grandmother proud.
If you are looking for a delicious sauce that is perfect on your homemade pizza, it’s time to try San Merican Pizza Sauce. This tasty sauce is ideal for when you don’t have time to make your own from scratch. In fact, having a few jars around might encourage more weeknight pizza parties.

San Merican Pizza Sauce is some of the most flavorful and fresh-tasting sauce you can purchase. It is never too sweet or too tart and tastes like a traditional pizza sauce. You can’t get much better than that.

San Merican grows San Marzano tomatoes in the US using the traditional variety of seeds from San Marzano, Italy. San Marzano tomatoes are simply the best tasting. They produce an elongated tomato that is deep red, firm, meat, and with few seeds. They are low in acid and high in fruitless because they are hand-picked when fully ripened. They are firm because they have been scalded just long enough to loosen and remove the skin. This means they are perfect for sauce!

Most store-bought brands don’t even come close. You may never purchase another sauce!

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